In Place of War have been awarded a grant from the Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation to build on its local capacity enhancement project in Palestine with saw In Place of War visit the West Bank in 2016 to deliver educational training.  Working in partnership with the Palestinian House of Friendship and the Palestine Music Expo, the project has three main activities:

  1. To donate  music studio equipment to the Palestinian House of Friendship to co-create a cultural space in Nablus, ‘Open Gate Studio’.
  2. In Place of War will deliver a series of cultural skills training sessions and events across, to partner with the Palestinian Music Export (PMX) events in Ramallah and Haifa.
  3. In Place of War will  run an edition of NAFASI (the international network of grassroots cultural spaces and producers) along with structured training in IPOW’s Creative Entrepreneurial Programme and music studio equipment.

It is expected that the project in April 2017 will enhance cultural skills in Palestine, promote the Palestinian music sector to international audiences and facilitate new collaborations, networking and  opportunities for local artistic and cultural producers.