Help In Place of War build five new music studios and cultural spaces in the most marginalised communities in the world

In Place of War is making five new cultural spaces and music studios in five of the most challenging settings in the world: a Congolese refugee camp, a prison in the war affected area of Uganda, with indigenous hip-hop artists in Uganda, on an island inhabited by single mothers in Lake Victoria and in West Bank, Palestine. We need your help. We have collected a range of equipment to ship out, but we need more…

We are seeking the following items:

  • Music studio equipment (studio monitors, sound cards, computers, microphones etc)
  • Live music equipment (PA systems, desks etc)
  • Live instruments (guitars, basses, drums, amps etc)
  • Field recorders for citizen journalists
  • Fashion/textile equipment: ink, screens, sewing machines, threads, fabrics, tape measures, training sketch/draft papers



In Place of War is a support system for community artistic, creative and cultural organisations in places of conflict, revolution and areas suffering the consequences of conflict. We listen to creative communities and respond by providing innovative, do-it-together solutions for grassroots challenges, sourced from our global community of change-makers. Our community spans over 100 grassroots community organisations with a collective reach of over 60 million people in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America. Our work over the past thirteen years has been about responding to the needs identified by those on the ground. They have the local understanding, connections to the beneficiaries and are working where international intervention can not happen (such as the drug cartels of Colombia). 

IPOW’s tailored support ranges from:

– organisational development

– creative and social entrepreneurial training

– organisation and space development training

– distribution of equipment

– training and capacity building

– advocacy and policy recommendations championing the grassroots international development sector

– performance and showcase opportunities

– mobility of change makers across the world

– the co-creation of creative spaces in places of conflict. 

Please contact if you can help.