The Power of Hip Hop LIVE

The Power of Hip Hop LIVE

14 artists from 8 countries have 20 minutes each to share how hip-hop is changing the world.

Join them and see what you can change through the power of hip-hop.

RichMix (London)  8 July 2016

Part of the Culture. Conflict. Change. series at In Place of War

Proudly supported by Index on Censorship and the AHRC

Since its birth in the 1970s Bronx, hip hop has had a conscience.

Today, graffiti artists, mc’s, breakdancers and DJs across the world are empowering themselves and their communities through hip hop, creating real social and political change.

They are empowering women in Colombia, creating political movements in Burkina Faso, fighting for freedom of speech in Zimbabwe, and challenging religious stereotypes in the UK. All the time creating incredible raps, rhymes and beats.

Through music, dance, MCing, turntabling, exhibition and talks, come and meet some of the world’s most revolutionary hip hop artists as they tell us their personal experiences of hip hop changing the world.

Ask why hip hop is such a powerful tool for transformation.

Discover how people across the globe are using it to change lives.

See what you can change through the power of hip hop.

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The Power of Hip Hop: LIVE is a programme of events taking place as part of a year-long series of IPOW production work called Culture. Conflict. Change. The series is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, and delivered in partnership with RichMix and Index on Censorship.