Against the backdrop of the ongoing influx of refugees and asylum seekers in the Euro-Med region, IPOW, in their capacity as UK Head of the Anna Lindh Network and in collaboration with partners in Germany, Greece, Lebanon and Sweden developed a new project that seeks to generate new insights and tools for enhancing civil society’s capacity to develop projects that promote intercultural dialogue and the social and economic participation of refugee and asylum seeker communities in new countries.

The project, called Best Practice Social and Creative Enterprise Training, had three primary aims:

1. To develop new resources to support civil society organisations who wish to develop projects for refugee and asylum seeker communities in the Euro-Med region. Drawing on interviews with 20 civil society organisations, the resources are informed by examples of good-practice in Germany, Greece, Lebanon, Sweden and the UK.  The resources are available in English , French and Arabic.

2. To produce a report on organisations working with refugee communities in the five countries involved in the study and the landscape they are working in. The report can be found here.

3. To enhance capacity within organisations working with refugee and asylum seeker communities in the five above mentioned countries, IPOW trained each organization to deliver IPOW’s Creative and Social Enterprise Programme.  An evaluation of the training can be found here.

Video interviews with civil society organization talking about their work with refugee and asylum seeker communities can be found on IPOW’s Youtube channel – on the IPOW: Working with Refugee Communities page.


This Cross Network Action was funded by the ALF and the European Union and undertaken in collaboration with the following partners:

The Centre for Cultural and General Studies (ZAK) – Germany

The Hellenic Foundation for Culture– Greece

Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO – Lebanon

Världskulturmuseet (National Museum of World Culture) – Sweden